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August 2004 35th IFP Activities(第35回IFP事業)

  Historical IFP pictures for IFP 35th anniversary.(記念式典用)

June 2004 Kitakyushu JC Delegation to Taipei JC(北九州JC台北公式訪問)

April 2004 Taipei JC  Delegation to Kitakyushu JC(台北JC北九州公式訪問)

Don't Get Mad !   Just for Fun !!(おまけ)


Taipei JC - Kitakyushu JC Friendship Monument
35th IFP Memorial Monument
at Yi Tong Park in Taipei
Aug. 20 , 2004
Forever Friendship Monument
at Itozu Forest Park in Kitakyushu
Aug. 29 , 2003

Yes!! We are Family!! 

This HP is dedicate to all of ichiei's buddys

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